Part 1:

The temperature of a pie is [math] degrees Fahrenheit when it is first removed from the oven. After [math] hours the temperature of the pie is [math] degrees fahrenheit.
Derive an exponential formula [math] for the temperature of the pie as a function of time, [math] in hours. Round all your calculations to [math] decimal places.
Here’s how:
Since we are asked to find an exponential formula, we know the formula is going to look something like
We know the temperature of the pie at two different times including the initial temperature.
Goal: find values for [math] and [math]
  1. [math]” is given in the problem.
    What is the initial temperature of the pie? [math] degrees Fahrenheit.
  2. Next, we will find the overall growth factor and use it to determine the hourly growth factor [math]
    The pie decreases in temperature from [math] degrees to [math] degrees. What is the overall growth factor associated with this temperature decrease?
    The overall growth factor is:


Part 2: